The messages found in the consoles in Sword of the Stars: The Pit are in English, but converted to the Zuul script, which basically is a simple substitution cipher. Most characters are converted to two in the Zuul script, but there are some exceptions. Notably, common character pairings in English often have their own unique substitutions.

Zuul to EnglishEdit



aa e
ac z
ae ee
au o
aum oo
de g
eh i
eo ou
f f
g b
h h
hk k
hm d
hm m
iu ea
k k
kh ch
kh p
kr j
mokh w
n w
ng l
nh n
oi y
ow a
pr c
q q
ror u
rrr r
rt th
sh s
th sh
ul oy
vh v
wr t
x x

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