So all you Mindgamers and Golders have likely dabbled in the Psi trees by now.

But have you really looked?

I mean tentatively removing the bedsheet and for the first time seeing the glistening body of your glazed ham looked?

Because combined these things are nutso.

So I can Invisibility onto a new floor, and if the pickings are slim TK Fist and Lifedrain and Fear and Paralyze and Shrapnel Storm my way in. If I'm feeling nasty I can just pick the strongest mob in the room and Subvert or Puppet it. Dampener in the room? Just Dissolve it. Gear looking a little worn? Duplicate a Nano Reconstructor (remember to keep two just in case they blow up). Skills a little soft? Then Duplicate a Liir Edu-Pet! Keep your Metabolic Control up and basically live off the air.

With very few exceptions there's nothing The Pit can really do if I just tentatively poke around. Of course throwing all these powers around is very costly, but keeping yourself topped up with Psi Drain and sleeping with Metabolic Control and a Manna for good measure just makes it a doddle.

OK, so this IS on Normal, and the Psi Regen becomes slower, but it's still a nasty little set of tools to make The Pit your mewling servent.

Small wonder they made Magicdolphin weaker in many more regards.

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