• Djparadroid

    Full Psi: Gamebreaker?

    December 5, 2013 by Djparadroid

    So all you Mindgamers and Golders have likely dabbled in the Psi trees by now.

    But have you really looked?

    I mean tentatively removing the bedsheet and for the first time seeing the glistening body of your glazed ham looked?

    Because combined these things are nutso.

    So I can Invisibility onto a new floor, and if the pickings are slim TK Fist and Lifedrain and Fear and Paralyze and Shrapnel Storm my way in. If I'm feeling nasty I can just pick the strongest mob in the room and Subvert or Puppet it. Dampener in the room? Just Dissolve it. Gear looking a little worn? Duplicate a Nano Reconstructor (remember to keep two just in case they blow up). Skills a little soft? Then Duplicate a Liir Edu-Pet! Keep your Metabolic Control up and basically live…

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  • Djparadroid

    As I entered the Pit for the twentieth time, carting stacks of food to the Safe Room for checks and measures it started to wear on me. All of this information is readily available to individuals at a single click and here we are having to take a chisel to the same block of marble Codey McGee has already reduced to a statue with hilariously masked genitalia.

    Even the racial penalites that in part have been slapped on everything willy nilly could have just been revealed in patch notes and be a no-brainer for us to amend the posts here.

    But when on my deeper runs when the game starts to get tense and you begin to happen upon the mobs where the data we've found is scarse I can't help but mirthlessly murder them at my earliest convenience. Sure, …

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  • Djparadroid

    So you decide to just do a quick run to collect a few traps for your Sotsdex and of course, the Wiki. What you instead find is your second only Powersuit, a smattering of achievements and finally manage to extract the last of the traps by the 19th floor.

    Of course you blunder through at least a dozen Teleporter traps, which you snagged almost immediately. And don't forget the only recipes you try to unlock for your 'dex failing due to choosing that Scout.

    In the end it was a productive little evening. The Wiki continues to be fleshed out with all this new content and it's a welcome distraction from the heat.

    And eating too, apparently. The stovetop calls.

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