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General informationEdit

Traps in The Pit can be good or bad, and come in 2 different categories: Floor Traps and Door Traps.  Floor Traps are mostly harmful, but they can be turned against enemy creatures. Door Traps only affect you and are harder to avoid, but some of them have powerful beneficial effects.

Door TrapsEdit

Some doors in the Pit are marked with a colored diamond to indicate that they are trapped. Stepping through the door will set off the trap, and its effect will be reported above your experience bar. Once you've "identified" a door trap this way, you can hover your mouse over every other door trap of the same color to see a tooltip of it's effect. Destroying a door disables it's trap as well.

Each door trap can have many different effects, and can trigger an infinite amount of times. The negative effects tend to recharge quickly, while the positive effects take well over 100 turns before they can be re-activated.

  • Doubles or Halves movement speed for 30 turns.
  • Restores 50 health, or causes you to lose ~70% of your current health.
  • Destroys random item or item stack in backpack.
  • Recharges random rechargeable item in backpack. You can control which item gets recharged by dropping the others on the ground before stepping through.
  • Causes Blind for 30 turns.
  • Cleanses all negative effects and restores full health.
  • Teleports to another teleport door trap on the floor.
  • Causes Madness for 50 turns.
  • Restores or drains psi points by 150.

There are more available trap colors than there are effects, so some door traps will have a different color but cause the exact same effects as another previously discovered door trap.

The association between door trap colors and their possible effects is randomized in every playthrough. While black doors in one game could always grant a speed bonus, in another game, those black doors may instead always destroy an item stack in your backpack.

It is possible to pass through a destroy item door trap safely by dropping all your items in the first square of the door, stepping through the middle, then picking up all your items again.

Floor TrapsEdit

Some floor tiles in the Pit can hide traps. Your character's ability to detect them from a distance (or before you step on them) is dictated by his/her Brains. There are many different types, each with unique effects, and all of them cause their effect within a varrying AoE radius. Disarm a floor trap to retrieve it. This can be done safely using Manipulation.

Floor traps can be triggered by any direct attack, or by an AoE/multi-target weapon if the tile is currently occupied by a creature. Note that the Traps skill is used for disarming or setting floor traps, but is not involved in their detection. For a list of booby traps, see Devices.

Using Manipulation early-game to collect Wormhole traps can allow you to skip through the last few floors on harder difficulty levels.

Trap Effect Radius
  • ~30 explosive damage, modified by armor
  • Covers area of effect in poison gas for a few turns. Every turn, causes Lvl.4 Poison.
  • On player, large durability damage to inventory.
  • On creatures,  medium damage that changes based on target armor.
  • Covers area of effect in terror gas for a few turns. Every turn, causes Fear for a short duration.
  • Drains a large amount of Psi points.
  • Covers area of effect in fire for a few turns. Every turn, inflicts minor damage and causes Fire.
  • Transfers anything within radius to random locations on a lower floor.


  • Teleports anything within radius to random locations on the current floor.
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