This device allows the user to change their class to a new class of their choice. After the change, the following will be true:

Movement speed, psi regeneration, natural armor, maximum food, and hydration are set to that of the new class.

If any of the starting skills of the new class are higher than the character's current skills, those skills are raised to the minimum level that the new class starts with.

Maximum psi points go up. The amount they go up by depends on the class and current level. (Counter-intuitively, in a test, switching to a Warrior gave a bigger boost than switching to a Psion.)

Unused stat and skill points are lost. Psi points are refilled to their new maximum. All items are unequipped, and all hotkeys are reset.

Current food levels change, depending on class. The value is set to a fixed amount, which can be more or less than the current value.

  • engineer - 350
  • marine - 700
  • mercenary - 1500
  • necromancer - ?
  • psi - 300
  • ranger - 550
  • scout - 400
  • seeker - ?
  • shepherd - 375
  • striker - 750
  • warrior - 650


Feel free to drain your psi points and food values prior to a class change, since they will be reset. Don't eat just prior to a class change unless you must, as the food will likely be wasted.

Always use up all saved skill and stat points prior to a class change, or they will be lost.

If you are fortunate enough to find two devices close to each other, and want to keep your current class, consider changing to another class, then changing back. This will raise psi point maximums and possibly raise skills.

If doing the above, consider leveling up in a class that provides high skill or stat points between the changes, or spending some time in a new form to use up racial weapons or armor.

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