Manufacturing Bay Image
Manufacturing Bay

What it doesEdit

  • Randomly constructs mechas every 20 turns (at least while you are near it), and heals mechas that are up to 1 tile around it as often as once per turn... seems to also be able to heal in the middle of a turn (ei. after you move but before turn number changes). Mechas constructed include (work in progress):

(based on sample size of 20):

  • Once armed, stops constructing additional Mechas. Will explode for moderate damage if a Mecha walks within melee range.

Bad things that can happen if failure to disarm:Edit

  • Explodes (this may deal heavy damage [~150 if unarmored])
  • Sets off alarm

Additional NotesEdit

  • Destroying it with grenades or Dissolve is usually a better alternative
  • Using Manipulation from a good angle can sometimes work

Raw Test Data: Easy Difficulty, Gold Version, RangerEdit