Standard sidearm for Hiver warriors. It carries more penetrating power than a Human auto pistol but lacks accuracy.

[1.3.3 Gold + Shepherd]: Costs no ammo when attacking targets in melee range (r=1), using a melee attack animation instead of a pistol firing animation. This attack still uses the pistol skill, and can be an easy way to raise the pistol skill to 45 for characters with a low starting pistol skill without wasting ammo or durability.

Be careful when using this weapon though, since it act similar to a melee weapon attacking an acid opponent like a protean or stone moles, in melee range, will damage this weapon.



Can hold 2 bio mods. Hiver Warrior starting pistol.



Not an ingredient in any recipe.


Not created by any recipe.

In-game info

Kheraizen Data

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