IGI Crusader Armor

It is worth noting two things about this armor. While it gives +30 Power, the only currently playable character who can wear this armor has a base Power of 90, and you can't pass 100 of any of the four main stats naturally or through bonuses, so this only gives the Shepherd 100 Power. However--disease, radiation, poison, and bad bio-mods could reduce your Power, and as long as it doesn't drop your base Power below 70, this armor will keep you at the max Power. (100)

Also of note, this armor gives +20% hunger rate, taking the Shepherd as example, in 50 turns you'll waste 50 points of food, with this armor however, in 50 turns Shepherd will consume 60 points of food, so it's a good idea to take this armor off when resting/sleeping.

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