Adamantium claws-sotsdex

Usable by:

Any class with a "punch" attack.  This includes:

  • Marine
  • Ranger
  • others w/ fists

Liir can equip, but not use as a weapon - only a very durable armour.

According to cross-weapon comparisons and some in-game observations:

Adamantium Claws has:

Stat Amount
*Durability 150
Accuracy Same as default melee attack
*Range 1
Damage Adds 8
Penetration Adds 100
Reload time 0
*Attacks/Moment Same as default melee attack
On the human, for example, it does 10 damage on two attacks at 100 penetration.

On the morrigi, it does 15 at 135 penetration, because the morrigi's attack has a base penetration of 35. The morrigi version is below:



Adamantium claws-recipe

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